Totem 12 Months Barrel

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100% Fine Red Wine from old vineyard, aged between 100 and 130 years, coming from a very singular pago, El Labajo.
Harvested by hand in boxes of 15 Kilos and carefully inspected bunch by bunch, on the selection table.


An intense cherry bright red color.
On the nose, denotes an intense and opulent aroma, emphasizing the perefectly ripe red and black fruits with notes of special leather and liquorice characteristic of the ageing in the French oak barrels, and the old age of the grapevine from which comes.
When passing through the mouth , it is soft and sweet, yet persistent and long, filling the palate with balanced tastes. A characteristic ripe and silky tannin stands out, with the right acidity that caresses the palate providing an elegant and large aftertaste which invites to drink again.


Made with 100% Fine Red grapes variety, the wine has remained for 20 days for its maceration with the skins.
After its malolactic fermentation, then it is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels until bottling.

The wine continues its ageing process in the bottle for a minimun of 8 months until its labelling.